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Whats in your bag... Part 1

A few months ago I was asked just what I shoot with and after thinking about what equipment I have it dawned on me that maybe I have way more than I need but I like to collect and try out new things so it's a natural progression to keep looking at new systems and better and more enjoyable ways to work.

Leica M6

If you know what the M6 is then I really don't need to write anything but if you're not a camera nerd then let me explain in my own babbling way. The Leica M6 is amazing and a camera I wanted to own for years and now I have one I feel like a life goal has been completed. I know some people say it's just the Leica name and for some people it might well be but if you ever use one you will see just what the hype is all about. At some point I am sure I will get some Leica Glass but for the time being the Voigtlander 35mm is all I need.

Nikon F100

The F100 is my main wedding and sports photography camera using film. An incredible camera which you can pick up for including a lens for around the £200 mark or the bodies are even cheaper and they pretty much take most old glass made by Nikon. The F100 has always been seen as the little brother to the Nikon F5 which at the time was only used by professionals with the only major difference being on the focusing zones and the extra grip which held more batteries.

I like to push film and also slightly overexpose regardless if it is colour or black and white and the F100 has plenty control to make this happen as well as tweak things while shooting. Mainly I use two types of film, Portra 400 and Ilford HP5 for black and white. Both great films to work with and perfect for 35mm and 120mm.

Getting back to the F100... not much more I can as this isn't a review for that you can go on YouTube and find a load of them (I have looked and there are some very interesting ones). If you have never shot film and come from a digital background then the F100 is the perfect way to get shooting as you will feel at home with how it feels and handles and it's a heavy thing so you could always use it as a weapon if anyone tries to grab it from you.

Part 2 will feature the Fuji TX2 and another monster the Fuji GA645W which is a loud but incredible camera and of course you need to have the right camera bag or case (ok maybe more than a few).

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