• Pete Falkous

Welcome to the book club

Well at the minute it feels like a I have joined a book club and the collection is getting bigger every week but would rather buy these than waste on other things. If and when I move house the books will finally have a place to sit and not be shoved into a cupboard.

This book by Fred Herzog is incredible and honestly has made me think about some of the projects I have been shooting so go pick up a copy of Modern Color if you have the spare cash.

I am working on loads of releases for Static Age so working on my work is kind of the last thing I have time for however in this lockdown period I have some how managed to shoot so far around 12 rolls of film and they are slowly starting to come back form development. Some I sent I regret as they have been scanned and developed really badly so had to use a more expensive company but at least I know they will be useable.

Anyway stay safe and yeah next post might even be some photos.

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