• Pete Falkous

The second shooter

I was lucky enough to go on my first wedding shoot the other week as a second shooter focusing on the groom and his party and it was a pretty enjoyable experience. A little frustrating not being able to get many shots of the bride and groom together but watching and seeing how other photographers mange and position their shots was very helpful. I have two more coming up on the next few months and I know some people would look down at this but I see it in a different way. I love shooting, I have my own style and that’s how I will approach any job wedding, fashion or taking pictures of sofas outside someones home.

This was shot on Ilford HP5 120mm film. I brought along both film and digital for the day and was a nice combination to use. I would like to use more film for the shoots of the bride and groom as you have a little more time and the results to me are so much more interesting and have more emotion.

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