• Pete Falkous

The Power of Portra

OK so I never really thought I would do any kind of massive review about anything as such but I just shot my first roll of Portra 800 through my M6 and well... I am now in love with this film. The shots in the post are just a selection of what I shot as the ones taken of my family I would be sharing here but they are simply just so bloody good.

I have been a huge fan of Portra 400 for some time for colour film although at times have used others as it's not a cheap film to use and the others do get great results but Portra always has a feel that I love. I picked up a roll of 800 as it was cheap and with it being pretty dark and grim in the North I thought it would be the perfect film for the conditions I am used too without having to shot it at a different ISO.

I am sold and yes I might have just bought 15 rolls of Porta 400 recently to stock up for some trips and projects but using this 800 iso film has made me rethink just what I like to shoot. Maybe this post is nonsense and it is 11.32pm and I am up in just over 5 hours but having just got the scans back I was excited. I also just ordered another 3 rolls... GOD HELP ME.

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