• Pete Falkous

The Blackpool Project

Maybe it's bad to arrange a family weekend away (not everyone unfortunately) because you have an idea for a new project but when those urges arises you just have to go and get on with it.

I have been meaning to visit Blackpool for a number of years now with a few projects in mind and instead of doing what a normal person would do and go in the summer I left it until all the good weather had gone. All planned of course as it was after the holiday season I was wanting to go visit so I could see how the different times of the year look like through a lens. I took my Fuji GA645W Pro camera and a load of Portra 400 film.

As it turns out the weather was amazing and maybe I didn't get to shot as much as planned but blame that on just having some fun with my family instead. Next trip is planned for the New Year and will just be taking the Leica M6.

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