• Pete Falkous

Stamp it and updates

First post in a while but not much going on in the sense of some more than usual boring update. I was about to release a new zine this month based around some walks over the past few months shot all on black and white but unfortunately it will be another month until its out although everything is printed, new stamp came yesterday and print sets are all done but one of the final touches will take a while to arrive so slight delay but will be worth it as I feel like the set I am offering is worth it and just trying to make things more fun.

More jobs are being rebooked or booked so thats good but it does seem as if some types of work will not be happening anytime soon but I am working hard on S/A and also with work and family I have busy days so getting out to shoot isn't something I can plan anymore it is more of if we are out and about just make sure you have your camera ready.

I am waiting on a new/old camera I picked up really cheap and I am wanting to start a new project with that but until I get it and check it works as well as making sure I have a few shoots under my belt I will keep this all on lockdown. I am pretty excited about it though and in my head it will be amazing but in reality who knows might suck balls.

I also wanted to thank everyone who has emailed and supporting Static Age over these past few months, there has been some amazing releases and I have so many more to come in 2020 as well as planning for 2021 as well.

Stay safe


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