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New projects in the work

So updating the portfolio sections on my site seems to happen every few weeks but finding the time to sit and get this done seems like its always being put off for one reason or another and it's not from lack of things to talk about just pure laziness, plain and simple.

I have working on two new projects and also learning the joy of large format starting to shoot an Intrepid 4x5 camera and I do plan on doing a post about that at some point so will not go on about it too much.

Oh and one thing which I found exciting is that I am developing my open colour which dopes save a load of time and money as you can shoot, develop and scan within a few hours.

So... new projects. I am working on a new book which will be out next year if all goes to plan and it will feature portraits shot on the 4x5 and will be hand stitched as well as a limited edition darkroom print of one of the photos in the book. Aiming for a June 2022 release which yes seems like a long time away but no point in rushing anything and might take longer who knows.

I am also working a new zine called Youth Club which will be out in July and at the minute I am debating if it should be released via Static Age or just start its own Y/C site but I fear that will never happen and if it does fuck knows when and if it would ever get updated. Y/C Issue One has a great mix of new and old photos from various skateboarders over the past 20 years as well as more recent works. More info on the Y/C project soon though.

I am sure if you read this (I know the stats) then you will be overjoyed with happiness so thank you for reading and stay tuned, oh and head over to Static Age as got so much going on you would be crazy to miss it.

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