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Latest zines and books...

It seems like an age since updating this blog but sometimes you really just don't have the time or when you do you really just want to sit and relax and switch off. Or you really having nothing to post about then you get swamped with a hundred in a few days (maybe a little over the top).

First off is 'Ye Olde Destruction' by Thomas Campbell published by Um Yeah Arts and comes as a 126 page hardback book and a link to a film via Vimeo. Really nice book but my only criticism is I wish it was a little bigger like A5 would feel perfect as its a little hard to really get the image when its so small but it is definitely worth picking up if your into photography or skating.

'Well that was fun' by Matt Martin is a series of black and white photographs taken between ------ and is limited to 20 so if you're quick you might still be able to pick one up. I nice selection of pictures and relatable as well. I like the Japanese stitched along the spine as well something I have been working on for a Static Age release for 2020.

'Observer of forbidden galaxies' is a zine by Ben Kadow, published for Printed Matter’s NY Art Book Fair at MoMA PS1 September 2019 and helped by skate firm Fucking Awesome is a 28 page zine with a mix of photographs and illustration with a mixed bag of subjects. The zine is great but the only thing I found was for £10 it seems a little overpriced but still worth adding to the collection and lets face it I have spent way more on some zines way smaller in pages.

Looking at this post I now should have split these up as I am getting tired and should probably do some real work and not bore myself and others with my ranting on stuff I bought. But saying that lets get it finished...

'Lacrymal' by Jules Le Moal is a small zine about the troubles in Paris France and has some incredible photography. Documenting the "Gilets Jaunes" protest movement on 35mm film and with it being all in black and white it really adds a more dramatic feel to the whole series. This release was pretty limited and came with a print which features from the zine as well.

Although in the photo above you can't make it out but top right is the latest zine by Łukasz Zgrzebski who is from Poland released 'That day everyone left' is one of the best pick ups this year. Amazing photography and really nice clean layout make this a perfect match. Not sure how to get this other than I spotted this on Facebook and messaged him direct and for 10 Euros its a steal.

Last in the pile is 'The Second Pass' by Ed Templeton who is surprisingly one of my favourite photographers and also a huge influence on me as a kid growing skating. This book is so nicely put together and have a nice DIY cut and paste feel to it but yet the use of white space makes it feel clean and in some kind of order. The idea of the book is simple and I guess if your as good as Ed is you would have thought of it but basically all these where taken while he was in a car so the prospective is unusual and the subjects are so varied. Although it is shot in his style I think the fact that these are shot from one particular height and from the restrains of being in a car or van make this one of his most interesting books so far. There are a few more books of his I need to collect to have the full series but the price of some of them now is crazy and unrealistic and £400+ for a book is something I am just not going to do.

Biggest post to date... my eyes are bleeding and I need some sleep but this kind of helped me focus for more than 5 mins writing it all up and thinking and looking at the post now I should probably put as much thought and words as this one but lets face it that ain't going to happen every post.


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