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I was asked the other week why would I post up pictures of other books and zines I have bought because I run and publish my own and other peoples at Static Age my response was probably a little held back to what I really wanted to say but as it seemed like such a daft question to ask. I am a collector, nerd and love what I do but also love what other people are doing and it is also so important to see what else is going on in the industry and lets face it there are some incredibly talented people out there so why would I not pick up their releases I would be mad not too.

I know the Martin Parr book 'The last resort' has been out for years I just never got round to buying it but was always on the list but sometimes picking up limited releases of small run zines seems like more of a priority and I love the hunt of those as well. Everyone knows his work and it is simple amazing. Someone to take influence of and the innocent way he takes the photos make them full of feeling. I managed to see one of his exhibitions a few years ago in Wakefield and seeing these photos on a much larger scale is so different so if you can go check one out if and when they appear.

Lastly I think one of the best independent publishers out there are Deadbeat Club Press and they continue to put out amazing work in every release. I had never heard of Grant Hatfield if I am honest so wasn't sure what to expect but was blown away with his photos but equally Clint Woodsides latest zine 'Independence' is also just as good and the spiral bound finish is also pretty neat and yeah I am sure S/A will steal that idea at some point as I have always shunned that idea as felt it wouldn't work but this one works so well.

I have a few more books and zines landing in the next few weeks so will probably just do these posts once a month.

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