• Pete Falkous

It's been a while...

... or so it may seem but life isn't always the most interesting to post sometimes and also unlike the majority of people I don't need or want to post my entire life on here. I have Instagram which I update way more regularly so if you are in need of my ever exciting insights go check that out.

House move is all done and the re-design of the house is nearly complete (shocking I know but not sharing any pics) and in that time I picked up all these amazing books and zine.

I was planning on writing a little about each but it has been a long day and my eyes hurt as in a few hours a new release will drop over at Static Age by the talented Brandon Lasko so go over and pick up a copy of his new zine (give it a few hours though eh).

Some portfolio updates in the next few days and also working on a new book/zine for 2021 or it might be 2022 as I hate odd numbers.

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