• Pete Falkous

First zines for 2020

Well might be a slight lie as I picked up Patrick O'Dell's 'New York Thrasher Years' and it's a great look at his work while he worked for Thrasher Magazine.

I love what Cafe Royal Books do but I simply can't afford to subscribe (hopefully soon) so I only pick up the odd one but if you can pick up 'The Seaside 1975-81' by Chris Killip and what makes this even more interesting is that it was all shot in the North East in my home turf. Some incredible images of local history.

Before Kodak push up their prices on film in a few weeks/months I also had to pick up 10 rolls of Portra 400 which isn't cheap anyway but if I can save £20 to £30 why wouldn't I try and stock up.

Project wise I am still working on my 'What we leave behind' work and planning a few trips out for some other projects I am working on so Barcelona is in September and a few others not confirmed. Static Age has about 8 releases planned so far for 2020 and it's going to be a pretty busy stacked year with all those so my own work will be on hold more or less.

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