• Pete Falkous

Back in the Darkroom

It must be close to 20 years since I was in a darkroom which is crazy but proves just how lazy you can get just send your film off and taking the negs to Boots or sending some jpegs somewhere online, but after shooting film since being a kid and training in using a darkroom it was way overdue so back to college to learn the ways of the darkroom. I will be moving house in early 2020 and the plan is to have installed my own darkroom in the loft... I see it happening but hey might take a good few months as will be the last room on the list to get done but eventually it will be.

Was fun but very frustrating but in time I know I will learn and get the results I am after as it would be nice to offer a few runs of limited prints but that will be tail end of 2020.

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