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April oh April

Like everyone we are all thinking what the hell is going on at the minute with this crazy virus and lets face it things don't look great and shoots I had booked have all been rescheduled or cancelled so very uncertain times ahead. Luckily for me I am working and in my down time looking at projects to keep my mind from going crazy although being a skateboarder form the 80's I am pretty good at social distancing anyway.

OK well the point of this post is to show off the two new books I picked up and the first is by the incredible William Christenberry 'Aperture' which actually was sent by mistake but I was able to keep anyway (people most not care about returns at the minute) so this was free although I did offer to pay for it but thats another storey. This book is incredible and is huge plus the added bonus is that it has been signed, not to me but I can be called Dee for the sake if it.

Second up is the 'Fugazi' by Glen E Friedman and this is the updated second version with some interviews and the odd pic. I have been wanting to pick this up for so long now but it's one of those things of when... do I have the money (I do but I still have to not just buy everything) and this for some reason dropped on Amazon to less than £7 so it wold be daft not to pick up. Anyway... if you don't know about Glen's work you should and if you ave never heard of Fugazi then shame on you and please leave.

I know I know that these posts are so exciting and full of content that makes you feel alive and in all honestly I always want to write more and say loads of profound and intelligent things but honestly I am tired most the time so best thing to do is not expect anything then you won't be disappointed.

Go drop by Static Age and pic up some new zines and books as that means I can put more zines and books out which would be lovely.

Thank you bye...

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